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Mariekuniek - Marieke Van Esveld

In 2007 while recovering from a biking-accident and browsing on the internet to prevent me from going mad, I stumbled upon lampwork beads and movies about how to make them.

Ofcourse I could tell you the whole boring story about what happened next but well I think you get the idea. Lets just say that ever since that moment I love melting glass and you can find me in my little studio in the backyard almost every day doing just that!

If you like my work and would be interested in buying...

My website: http://www.mariekuniek.com

I regulary list beads on E-bay:

Sell beads on Artfire:

and also have a shop on Etsy:

and if your interested in some more reading, I also have a blog:

Thanks for your time and enjoy looking at my beads



Profile Link: http://www.BeadArtists.org/MariekuniekMariekeVanEsveld

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