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From an early age, I was intrigued by the beauty of stained glass panels, mosaics, blown, fused, and lampwork glass. In 2002, I decided to stop wishing that I could make those things and dove into the glass world making stained glass panels and mosaics. I really enjoyed making them, but also wanted to take my craft a little further. In March 2006, I purchased a kiln and began fusing, slumping, kiln casting, etc... I loved how I could manipulated the same piece of glass with different techniques to get very different outcomes. One day something caught my eye while I was searching for glass beads to incorporate into my jewelry. I saw many types of gorgeous lampwork beads. I was fortunate to find a local lampwork artisan who was willing to teach me. So in August 2006, I took my first lesson. I was amazed by all the beautiful beads she had made and how steady her hand was. She opened a whole world of possibilites for me. I can never thank her enough for being so patient and sharing her knowledge with me. Now, I am hooked and addicted to glass!


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