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Filet crochet by seed glass beads

My style – art can also be created also with colored "RHINESTONES & Square Swarovski Rhinestones & Resin Diamond". The diameter = size of which starts from 1.4MM; It also can be created by colored cylindrical plastic thread - "PET filaments". Their diameter start from 0,05mm, approximately the thickness of a human hair. It also can be created by colored fine glass stringers whose diameter starts from 0,25mm; It also can be created by extra small –tiny colored cylindrical resin in the round rocailles, square, triangle, hexagon form. Their diameter starts from 2mm; It also can be created by colored seed glass beads, whose size starts from No.24 (0,9mm);
Added by Alartisti on 4/19/2017 9:04:52 AM
Filet crochet by seed glass beads

tapestry by seed glass beads

I am asking you to become a judge for my style of art.The work of art created by my personal style is presented in four forms: -The first one is a colored large tapestry relief (3 dimensions) with the appearance only on the front side. -The second is a micro mosaic in miniature, and at the same time it looks similar to a normal tapestry - like an enlarged 2D photo = Pixelated Picture with the same appearance - design on the both sides or only on one side. -The third is seemed similar to a Filet Crochet with the same appearance on the both sides. -The Fourth is a large tapestry with colored dots where each one of them is only one single optical fiber. Its appearance -design could be changeable, just by changing their color of lighting, time by time, if it is requested by the owner. My technology process for the first time in history is using the latest expensive technology. It produces the finest materials in the world. They are colored extremely microscopically cylindrical glass threads. Their diameter starts from 0.10 mm slightly thicker than the size of a grain of sand. Each thread is painstakingly applied = placed individually only by hand on the vertically position into the substrates. Only their edges appear as colored dots These threads depending on the application are up to 8262 pieces in a square centimeter and with an amount up to 16,000,000 colors based to the RGB color system.
Added by Alartisti on 4/19/2017 8:58:58 AM
tapestry by seed glass beads
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