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Sarah Mader's Gallery

Sarah Mader's Gallery

Posted by Sarah Mader on 9/28/2005
Hi ~ I'm Sarah!

Presented here is a small collection of the type of work I do - which is mainly flameworked borosilicate beads - which are then coldworked and polished.

You can view my beads, jewelry designs and gallery on my coming soon website - www.sarahmader.com

To view more of my work, please check back here or you may also visit my glass artist gallery - by simply doing a search for Sarah Mader.

Thank you!


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Coldworked Boro Bead Set

Coldworked Boro Bead Set

These beads I love - coldworked mandrel beads. Coldworking the glass really brings out the organic color of the glass.
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Coral Bracelet with Polished Boro Bead

Coral Bracelet with Polished Boro Bead

This bracelet features over 40 red coral piece along with a coldworked pyrex glass bead as the focal.
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Jungle Love Necklace

Jungle Love Necklace

These beads have been coldworked and polished (Glass Alchemy color) and strung with silver and stones.

By grinding off many layers of the glass - the beads almost appear textured but they are auctually as smooth as can be.

I just love it.
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Polished Blue Boro Bead

Polished Blue Boro Bead

Ok.. so it looks similiar to a Jared Delong bead .. lol

But I love coldworking blues - especially when it's a striking color.
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  • Kitty
    Beautiful Sarah!
    Kitty: Simply Beautiful. I love how the boro really stands out after coldworked. You really capture the light and give them a very ellegant feel.
    12/6/2007 7:07 PM

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