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Breathe in the Chi

Breathe in the Chi

Posted by Angelinabeadalina on 10/22/2010
 Nominated for Feature by Genesee Glassworks on 10/23/2010
Old man stands still as a heron watching for fish, but he is not trying to catch anything. He is breathing in the chi, being one with the Universe, melting and forming over and over again. Atoms, molecules, cells, tissues, organs, bodies... swirling, blending, brushing past one another like so many hands running across an irresistible swathe of panne velvet

Breathe in the Chi
The old man accompanied me today, reminding me that feeling at one with the universe is as simple as standing still and breathing.
636 x 1000 px  (97 KB)
Breathe in the Chi
I have felt the oneness a few times, and I want to feel it again and again.
536 x 1000 px  (67 KB)
Breathe in the Chi
It's as if time and motion suspend themselves, as if I am suddenly and inexplicably given the chance to peep into the universe's crystal ball, as if I am the Universe... and I am, just as you are.
428 x 1000 px  (58 KB)

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Thanks for stopping by to visit with AngelinaBeadalina! I'm really just plain ol' Angie or Ang, but the catchy name does suit me in the sense that I'm a motormouth who loves to play with words almost as much as I love to play with glass! You can find me here at BeadArtists.org, in my Etsy shop, or in my daily blog. You can get links to those places at www.angelinabeadalina.com (click on it above). Please pardon the use of my "official" website as a traffic control signal at the moment-- at least, that's what it makes me think of when I look at it. . . lots of directions to other places where there are updates on a daily basis. Tech-stuff would not be one of those things that I love or that comes naturally to me ;) Well, enough rambling for now, come on in, look around. . . have fun exploring my glass experiments and ideas. Peace, Ang

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