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The Glass Turtle's Gallery
Finely handcrafted lampwork treasures. I "specialize" in pressed shapes but it often depends on what mood I'm in while at the torch =)

You can always find me at www.theglassturtle.com.

Thanks for visiting!


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One of my absolute fave shapes to make. I like to keep it simple with the clear encasing to bring out the colors of the frit blends beneath. I always try to mix up the coordinating beads as the encased crystals stay the same :)
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Garden Series

Garden Series

All of my Garden series are encased and pressed. The two-toned color combo is one I never get tired of making and the designs floating on top are kept simple so as not to detract from the overall watercolor-like effect of the beads.
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Other fun stuff!

Other fun stuff!

So far this is a showcase of everything that hasn't been given a gallery of it's own yet. You'll find all types of shapes! If it's pressed I LOVE it :D
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Pretty In Pink Series

Pretty In Pink Series

I'm just a girly girl at heart and every session at the torch results in something pink! Here are some of my prettiest in pinks!
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R4 Studies

R4 Studies

In this gallery I hope to show all the beads made with the new and fabulous R4 glass.

Since I LOVE the way this glass behaves don't be surprised to see alot here soon!
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  • Tinaslampworkbeads
    Beautiful Beads
    Tinaslampworkbeads: Just wanted to say, your beads are stunning. I really love the beads where you use the R4 glass. I am just starting to experiment with this glass!
    10/19/2006 2:51 AM

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