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Kristallnacht, Tree of Life, wire tree sculpture
Kristallnacht, or The Night of Broken Glass, was a series of government-sanctioned attacks against the Jewish population of Germany and Austria on November 9-10, 1938. Ninety-six Jews were murdered and 25,000-30,000 were arrested and sent to concentration camps. The damage to property was also very extensive: thousands of synagogues were attacked, with 267 burned to the ground. Thousands of Jewish homes and Jewish owned businesses were burned and destroyed using sledgehammers and axes, leaving most of streets covered with shards of broken glass shimmering in the moonlight -- hence the origin of the name Kristallnacht. Many historians consider this horrible event to be the beginning of the "Final Solution"

Kristallnacht, Tree of Life, wire tree sculpture
Detail of Nest
1024 x 888 px  (1323 KB)
Kristallnacht, Tree of Life, wire tree sculpture
Detail of Etched Star of David
1024 x 861 px  (722 KB)

 Artist:   Sal Villano  ( ) Contact Artist 
Sal Villano
Beaded Wire Tree Sculpture by Sal Villano
Unique creations by sculptor Sal Villano. A wide variety of wire trees including Bonsai, Beaded, Wind Swept, Bird Nests and much more. Plus an instruction book showing "How to Create Wire Tree Sculpture"

The inspiration for creating my sculpture grew from a lifetime love of trees. I am in awe of the stately presence and silent majesty they posses. I find the structure of trees to be one of the perfections in nature. With their roots embracing the earth; in winter they show their bones, in spring gentle buds, in summer a canopy of green and in fall a magical kaleidoscope of colors. Beauty, pure beauty.

Sal Villano
4026 Hemlock Dr.
Coplay PA 18037 US
Phone: 6104400551

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