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Spider Vicky

Spider Vicky

Posted by Ellesson-Beads-Studio on 12/17/2014

544 x 630 px  (309 KB)

I was born 1972 in Hannover / Germany and live near Moenchengladbach/ Germany. I was looking in 2003 about something I could creativ work with and I was happy to find the Lampworkbeads. I was reading all what I could find how to make this Beautiful little beads. At the end of 2003 I was starting up to make my first Bead and had soo much fun that I love it until today to sit down at the torch and make my Beads, Critters and other lovely stuff. It is for me a wonderful fascination how the glass works and flow together. The feeling to make a small critter or bead makes me veary happy. Often I was thinking ohh what a heavy combination of colors but when I saw the Bead I was thinking: wow cool. I hope you will have soo much fun with the Beads like I do. This is now my second account here because I do not come in the other account anymore. But the pictures you find here: http://www.BeadArtists.org/EllessonBeads If you would like to ask something send a mail on ellesson@glasperlen-studio.de or list me on Facebook search for Kristina Ellesson

Kristina Ellesson
Salierstrasse 37
41238 Moenchengladbach (Germany)

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