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that bead girl

Posted by That Bead Girl on 9/18/2006
formerly known as the bead lounge...be sure to check out my new website at www.thatbeadgirl.com!


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functional art

functional art

i'm really getting into making functional pieces of art using some of the great findings out there. wine bottle stoppers, canape sets, letter and bottle openers...all of that and more. i'd like to share these pieces with you!

mostly, i sell these through shows or my website. sometimes i run auctions...but i always accept custom orders for these items too. if you'd like more info, just get in touch!
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leafy focals

leafy focals

a sampling of my newest passion...focals featuring vines and leaves!

* updated 5/08 *
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metallic madness

metallic madness

all of the beads in this category really showcase my love for all things lusterous. bring on that metallic glass!
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mini beads

mini beads

a collection of long strand mini-beads. the average size of each bead is just 5x7mm!
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a collection of minimalist, primitive beads.
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Shard Beads

Shard Beads

i have been totally captivated by the 'shard' movement in lampwork.

i particularly admire the work of amber van meter in regards to shard work, and was motivated to try this myself...so i began by perfecting my own 'blowing' technique to get the shards...then made some beads.

hope you enjoy this gallery featuring my new obsession.

* updated 5/08 *
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Inspired by Dzi

Inspired by Dzi

i've been striving for months to come up with a design that was inspired but did not closely mimic ancient dzi beads.

i was intrigued by the lines and dots, the various patterns with so much meaning, and had to try something for myself.

this strand of beads was made with a base of black, encased with dark ivory, then deeply engraved to let the base color come through.

the process was a true labor of love and i am so excited by the result!
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disc fever

disc fever

i've also been delving into the disc bead lately. i love the simplicity and style you can acheive with this simple form.

you'll see more in the future for sure.
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transition focals

transition focals

i've been lured into the pastel realm lately...it all started with a rare but beautiful midwestern sunset a few weeks ago...and this is the product of natures inspiration.

*updated 4/12/07*
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beads as a set

beads as a set

i feel like i am going through an artistic evolution of sorts right now, and i'm really enjoying the journey.

*updated 7/08*
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the evolution of the focal bead

the evolution of the focal bead

a sampling of varying styles of focal beads...

* updated 5/08 *
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tree series focal beads

tree series focal beads

this series of beads features my exploration of the abstract in the form of a tree.

as a base bead, i like to use either a nicely rounded tapered bicone or a flat tabular bead...
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organic focals

organic focals

i've rediscovered making truly organic beads...and the last couple of weeks have been experimenting with richer autumn inspired colors for these focals.

*updated 4/112/07*
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amber ballard

  • Jaels Jewels
    Simply Delightful
    Jaels Jewels: These beads just keep getting more and more beautiful. Temptation personified in beads!!
    12/30/2006 4:00 PM
  • Designs By Lisa V
    Designs By Lisa V: You constantly amaze me with the beauty you create! Absolutely stunning work, girlfriend!!
    1/16/2007 8:04 AM
  • Carlee
    thank you..
    Carlee: for the comment on my gallery !!
    i like your work so much... its just so different ... with a great expression of the girl behind the beads ;-)
    8/10/2007 6:50 PM
  • Susan Jones Designs
    Thank you!
    Susan Jones Designs: Thank you for the kind comment - it means a lot to me. I am a huge fan of your focals. They are simply, artistically, beautiful!
    7/4/2008 8:54 AM
  • Heart Fire
    WOW----exquisite work
    Heart Fire: Hi Amber! Thank you for your encouraging and kind words about my work. I just spent 30 minutes looking at your beads here and also on your website. Wow, your beads are original, perfect, and absolutely beautiful! Really, they are wonderful---good for you! Lois
    8/7/2008 6:05 AM

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