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Bent Warped And Twisted

My jewelry is Bent, Warped & Twisted - just like me ;) My website and forum and online gallery are still sort of under construction but the chat room's open for business, feel free to drop by!

Many of the pieces you see here are available in my Etsy store, if there's a piece you're interested in that isn't in my Etsy store drop me a line and ask about it, I may just not have gotten around to listing it yet! I do try to put "sold" signs on the pieces that are no longer available :)

I LOVE WORKING WITH LAMPWORK BEADS. It's not just a love, it's therapy. Marrying my love of jewelry with the art of lampwork glass and wire work is cathartic, relaxing and compared to a shrink, it's CHEAP! It's also something I can do with ALL of my kids that really makes our family time especially fun, and it fosters the importance of crafting and artistic expression in them in a time when an appreciation for true quality work and attention to details seems to be falling by the wayside. When they see the work that goes into it they have a much deeper appreciation for it!

I wish I could take up the torch myself but I have fibromyalgia and the meds I take for it would make playing with fire not only dangerous but kind of stupidly irresponsible. Besides, someone has to BUY the pretty beads that all you wonderfully talented torchers make!

I try REALLY hard to give props to the glass artists who make the beads that I use in the pieces I make and put in my gallery but if you recognize your beads in my work and for some reason I had oatmeal for brains when I did the writeup and didn't acknowledge you PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I believe in giving credit where it's due and I couldn't make a bead out of Play-Doh and I'm not going to let anyone think I made these beautiful glass jewels that permit ME to put them in pieces of jewelry. I'm very fortunate to have had just the right beads tell me to come and get them, it's a moral imperative that I give their creators the proper respect!

Amy Bozarth
2605 Union Point RD
Union Point GA 30669 US
Phone: 800-759-6869


Profile Link: http://www.BeadArtists.org/BentWarpedAndTwisted

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