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Becca Grace
My name is Rebecca Grace Anderson. I'm the owner and artist of BeccaGraceStudio. For as long as I can remember, I've had a passion for the arts and have tried many different mediums. The one that is my ultimate love, and of course the one I spend the most time working with is glass. I grew up in the Pacific Norhwest, spent the last 15 years living in Alaska and recently I returned back to the Northwest. During my time in Alaska, a great friend and ship captain taught me how to make lampwork beads. (Thanks Jim!) That started my lampworking career! I have been making jewelry and accessories since 2000, and making my own lampwork beads since the fall of 2003. While in Alaska I only sold at local venues. I am now branching out to share the joys of my passion with many others through internet sales, and a few fairs. I hope you enjoy my work, as much as I enjoy making it! Thank you for taking the time to see the world through my eyes, if just for a minute!

I have worked in many mediums over the years including; lampworking, beadwork, jewelry, painting, fusing, metal work, wire work, electroforming, woodworking, digital morphing, knitting, photography, soap making, clay work, interior design, sewing, mosaics, just to name a few. I have never met a medium I didn't like! I see creative value in almost everything. I also have great people skills, from my many years of work in the service industry.

Art and expression is very important in my life. I would likely be considered eccentric by those who know me personally, and maybe even a bit quirky. I like travel because it inspires new creativity and insight into other cultures. I enjoy learning something new...as it helps me grow as an artist and a person. I see life as art in motion. I love to laugh, even laughing at myself sometimes. A smile costs nothing to share but has a priceless impact on those it is shared with. I am a bit of a free spirit. I love being by the ocean, the smell of salt air, and the change of the seasons. I find myself inspired by many different things, it could be a color combination, a print, a feeling, nature, history...pretty much anything might strike my fancy. My style often reflects that, but if I had to sum up my style in 2 words, I would say it is eclectic global. I love trying new things. I try to go into life with an open mind and an open heart, so my life can be full and diverse. I strive to send out positive thought, feeling, and intention into the world.


Profile Link: http://www.BeadArtists.org/BeccaGrace

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